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Mr. Christopher Ward

Photo of Christopher Ward

Vice Principal - Grade 5

Phone: (403) 223-2988

Hi there, and welcome to my biography page.  

This is now the start of my twenty-sixth year of being a teacher, and I am still excited to teach.  I love the job and feel I still have so much to learn in helping children do their best at reaching their potential.  

I was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, and joined the British Army when I was 16.  After serving for five years in the Queens Own Highlanders, I moved to Canada and married my sweetheart.   I attended Medicine Hat College and then the University of Calgary where I graduated in 1997 and began my teaching career.

My first teaching job was at Vauxhall Elementary School where I taught for four years.  In 2001 I transferred to Dr. Hamman School and have been teaching here since then.  I have mainly taught grade five and physical education from kindergarten up to grade five.  I currently teach one of the grade five homeroom classes along with Mrs. Melnychuk and I am also the vice-principal.

I have two children who once attended Dr. Hamman School and whom I was fortunate enough to teach.  I enjoy doing triathlons, staying active, and being outdoors.  I am a huge fan of football, especially Scottish football and I support Hibernian Football Club from Edinburgh. I enjoy reading a wide variety of books.  I am a cat lover and have two cats at home.  I also play the bagpipes in the Lethbridge Legion Pipe Band.