Grades Taught

Early Learning - Grade 5


Dr. Hamman School is an exceptional kindergarten to grade five elementary school! At Dr. Hamman School we believe in working together as a whole school community to provide the best possible learning environment for all of our children. Approximately 260 enthusiastic and wonderful children attend our school. We have a staff of over 30 including teachers and support staff. Our children are high achievers and strong leaders. They understand the value of being good citizens and work hard to make their school the best that it can be.


Staff, students and parents work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding to ensure optimum learning and to develop strong and healthy relationships. We are a Brain compatible School! Our students are engaged and happy learners. Brains love Dr. Hamman School! School family events and extra-curricular activities are also a big part of the many things we do to enhance the fun and learning at Dr. Hamman School. Dr. Hamman Staff, students and parents are life-long learners. We all want the same things for each other – success, happiness and good health! Dr. Hamman is a strong educational team and that teamwork has resulted in high academic achievement, responsible citizenship and kind and caring relationships. Thank you parents for being such an important part of that outstanding educational Dr. Hamman Team. As a team, we will work hard to ensure that each child in this school is given every opportunity to reach his or her full potential in a safe, caring and respectful environment.


Alyson Archibald


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