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Fundraising Update - WOW!

What a night that was!  Taber McDonald's was full of Dr. Hamman students, staff and parents to witness the Chicken McNugget eat off between Mrs Wright and Miss Cahill.  Pledges were made, hundreds of dollars were raised and McNuggets were consumed.

At the end of the evening everyone was a champion.  Miss Cahill had eaten the most McNuggets, Mrs Wright had received the most money for the fundraiser and everyone had a fun-filled evening.

Once the money had been counted up, over $2000 was raised just in the contest alone, and over $1700 was pledged by our school families and local businesses towards the barrier-free playground.

Plus...You can still make donations at the Taber McDonalds which has so far raised over $1800.

Wow.  What a night that was.

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