School is closed, but the work goes on!

Posted on: Mar 17 2020

Staff at Dr. Hamman School gathered today to learn about all the impacts the COVID-19 virus is having on students and education.  We await further instructions from Alberta Education as to how we will…

Watch 4T's Pink Shirt Day Video

Posted on: Mar 9 2020

Watch the video here.

Grade 3 Cupcake Wars

Posted on: Mar 6 2020

Grade three students held their annual cupcake wars bake-off in the two grade three classes.  Students were given the challenge of baking cupcakes along the theme of superheroes.  Judges from the around…

Basketball Jamboree

Posted on: Mar 2 2020

Well done to those grade 4 and 5 students who participated in the Barnwell Basketball Jamboree.  Dr. Hamman was represented by three teams and played games against teams from Central School, Barnwell…

New way to sign up for interviews

Posted on: Mar 2 2020

Parents now have an easier way to sign up for Parent-Teacher interviews.  A new link on the school webpage will allow parents to book times to see their children's teacher. Go the the Menu link, then…

February Challenge Sheet Winners

Posted on: Mar 2 2020

Congratulations to these two hard-working, challenge sheet completing grade one students.  February's challenge sheet was completed by almost forty Dr. Hamman students.  These students were then entered…

Staff Wellness Challenge

Posted on: Mar 2 2020

Congratulations to the staff of Dr. Hamman School who took part in the February staff wellness challenge that was issued by the Principal, Mrs. Archibald.

Say "NO" to Bullying.

Posted on: Feb 26 2020

Students and staff at Dr. Hamman School wore pink shirts on Wednesday, February 26th which was Pink Shirt Day.  This day raises awareness about bullying and reminds us all to be kind to others and not…

Teachers' Convention

Posted on: Feb 20 2020

Mrs. Wright and Miss Cahill presented in this year's South Western Alberta Teachers' Convention on the topic of "Building Multi-graded Relationships" where they taught other teachers about how to involve…

Gymnastic Center Trips

Posted on: Feb 4 2020

Thanks to funding from our Parent Council, Dr. Hamman students will be attending the Taber Gymnastics center for two sessions per class in the months of February and March.

A BIG thank you to the Taber Oilmens' Association.

Posted on: Feb 4 2020

Angie Stange presented Mrs. Archibald with a cheque for $500 as a donation towards the Dr. Hamman barrier-free playground.  Funds continue to arrive to support the construction of this project.  Thank-you,…

Challenge Sheet Draw Winners

Posted on: Feb 2 2020

Congratulations to the January Challenge sheet winners who both received an art kit.  A new challenge sheet starts today for February.

Brrrrrr. Wrap up and stay warm!

Posted on: Jan 14 2020

While we remain in the grip of winter, please remember to have your children wrap up warm with touques, mitts and snowsuits.  If the temperature is at or below -20 degrees, we will have inside recesses.

Pounding with Angie

Posted on: Jan 13 2020

We pounded it!! Students and staff at Dr. Hamman were able to experience a different type of physical activity as we all pounded it with Angie.  This involves hitting sticks on the ground while also…

Fundraising Update - WOW!

Posted on: Jan 13 2020

What a night that was!  Taber McDonald's was full of Dr. Hamman students, staff and parents to witness the Chicken McNugget eat off between Mrs Wright and Miss Cahill.  Pledges were made, hundreds of…

Be A Dr. Hamman School Superhero

Posted on: Jan 6 2020

The McDonald's restaurant in Taber is joining with Dr. Hamman School in an effort to raise money to purchase a barrier-free swing so that all of our students can be "high fliers" at recess.   Purchase…


Christmas Around the World

Posted on: Dec 19 2019

Students at Dr. Hamman held their annual Christmas concert today with the theme being Christmas around the world.  Parents and friends were treated to songs from places such as Australia,  Hawaii, Mexico,…

Dr. Hamman School receives a grant for $5000.

Posted on: Dec 17 2019

Dr. Hamman School received a $5000 grant from the Lethbridge Community Foundation that is being used to build a barrier-free playground addition to our current playground.  More funds are still needed…

Dr. Hamman Little Diggers receive award

Posted on: Dec 16 2019

Dr. Hamman's Little Diggers garden club received a grant for $1000 and a banner from Fortis Alberta for their work in teaching students about plants and how to grow  flowers and vegetables.

Grade 4 Curling

Posted on: Nov 30 2019

Grade 4 students from Dr. Hamman school were active at the curling rink this past week learning how to curl.