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Darlene Peckford

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About Me

I am a country girl! I grew up just north of Taber in the small hamlet of Lomond. I had the most amazing childhood. I lived on a farm surrounded by thousands and thousands of loving relatives and friends. When not in school, I spent the majority of my days outside caring for animals, doing chores, building rafts or treehouses and playing games with cousins and siblings. It was a glorious time in my life and one that I will always cherish.

After high school I attended the University of Calgary to become a teacher. My first year of teaching was in Rycroft, Alberta. It was a bit of a shock for this southern girl to go north to start her career, but north I remained for the next 18 years. After my first year in Rycroft, I moved to Ft. McMurray where I taught and was a School Administrator. Yes, I was there for the McMurray Boom and it truly was an adventure. During the Boom, there were times I would leave my class of 25 on Friday to come back to a class of 43 on Monday. It was also quite common for me as a principal to hire 8-10 new teachers each year, as teachers would leave to go back south or east almost annually. It was a crazy but exciting time, and I learned a great deal about leadership and resiliency from my time in Ft. McMurray. Then I too returned home to teach at what has become my most beloved school-Dr. Hamman School. My adventures at Dr. Hamman have been amazing! I absolutely love working with the students, parents and staff! Together we are an incredible educational team!

In my personal life, I have been blessed with a loving husband and two wonderful children. I am also now blessed with an awesome daughter-in-law and a brilliant grandson (sorry for the bias-I just can't help it-he is so adorable). I stay very involved with the Taber community and love every minute of it. As they say, "Life is good!" Indeed, life is very good!